Full Agenda
Day 1, Tuesday, March 31, 2021

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Has Offers

7:30-8:30am • Room: Atrium

Registration & Networking Breakfast

8:30-8:45am • Room: Club

Conference Chair Welcome Remarks

Geno Prussakov Geno Prussakov
Affiliate Management Days

 8:45-9:30am • Room: Club

A New Code of Conduct for Affiliate Marketing?

A decade ago, a few networks sketched a code of conduct for affiliate marketing. Despite occasional updates, they covered only a portion of the task – banning known misbehaviors by certain publishers, but saying nothing of broader industry problems. Would a broader set of ethical principles help broaden the opportunity for affiliate marketing and affiliate marketers?

Grounding his proposals in specific instances of malfeasance – the latest affiliate lawsuits as well as selected schemes beyond the headlines - Ben Edelman will offer some fundamental principles for publishers, merchants, affiliate managers, and networks, identifying improvements that make all legitimate participants better off.

Ben Edelman Benjamin Edelman
Associate Professor of Business Administration
Harvard Business School

9:30-9:50am • Room: Club

Diamond Sponsor Presentation
Capturing Lightning in a Jar - The importance of Attribution
in Performance Marketing

How do you recognize and track digital customer journeys while taking into account the myriad of touch points? How do you efficiently and accurately manage your budget to take advantage of your best-performing channels?

Marketers need the right tools for precise attribution to uncover and optimize the digital journeys that today’s customers take toward conversion.

Karl will share some of these platform insights and strategies to further understand channel effectiveness and optimize campaign management.

Karl Norelius Karl Norelius
Vice President of Sales
LeadsPedia Inc.

9:50-10:25am • Room: Atrium

Exhibits & Morning Coffee Break

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 10:25-11:10am • Track 1 Room: Club

Defining an Affiliate and Merchant Partnership

Communication, personal contact and honesty are the keys to a true partnership. What techniques and tools have an affiliate and merchant (OPM) created to optimize sales and provide a competitive advantage to the partnership.

Chuck Hamrick Chuck Hamrick

Jeremy PalmerJeremy Palmer
Palmer Digital Assets

10:25-11:10am • Track 2 Room: Foothill G

One Size Doesn’t Fit All—Choosing the Best Affiliate Types for Your Program

Coupon or Loyalty? Content or Display? What’s up with Social? When it comes to categorizing affiliates, the options are endless—more importantly, the outcomes are endless. A merchant’s engagement with various affiliate types is essential to the long-term success and growth of its affiliate marketing program. Does this mean a merchant should dedicate time and budget trying to incorporate a category of affiliates known to be a non-starter in meeting the merchant’s revenue goals? Not exactly. Learn how to navigate through the maze of affiliate types and create a balanced affiliate portfolio to drive your program’s ongoing success.

Choots Humphries Choots Humphries

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 11:15am-12:00pm • Track 1 Room: Club

Understanding Analytics and Key Metrics to Uncover New Growth Opportunities

One of the most overlooked and least understood areas of affiliate program optimization are the opportunities that lay within your data. Numbers and KPIs tell an important story that help you identify where to get that next big affiliate, how to drive faster new customer acquisitions, where to focus your marketing spend and where to leverage strategic partnerships for higher ROI.

This session will give both best practices and case studies around how data can be used for smarter, more profitable and more sustainable affiliate program growth.

Sarah Bundy Sarah Bundy
Founder & CEO
All Inclusive Marketing

Connor Kane Connor Kane
All Inclusive Marketing

 11:15am-12:00pm • Track 2 Room: Foothill G

How to Launch an Affiliate Program Against Giants

I have recently launched an affiliate program in one of the hardest industries online… hosting. I’ll walk you step by step on how to outrank and outthink your competition online.

John Rampton John Rampton

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12:00-12:10pm • Room: Club

Lightning Round of 2-Minute Sponsor Presentations

LinkConnector   Linkdex Logo    Search Monitor    BrandVerity   Mindspark

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12:10-1:00pm • Room: Atrium

Lunch with Super Affiliates in the Exhibit Hall

12:10-1:00pm • Room: Club

Lunch and Learn
Performance Marketing Domination: A Case Study

Discover how HasOffers by TUNE—the #1 performance marketing technology—empowers thousands of companies, like AppLift, to track and manage their own publisher and affiliate relationships. Hear directly from AppLift, a leading mobile app marketing platform, on how they have leveraged HasOffers to become masters of mobile apps performance marketing.

Patrick Hearron Patrick Hearron
HasOffers Sales

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 1:00-1:45pm • Track 1 Room: Club

10 Key Takeaways from Scaling Affiliate Program to 25 Countries

Brook Schaaf, Chairman of Schaaf-PartnerCentric, will co-present with Max Ciccotosto, Head of Growth LightInTheBox, on how LightInTheBox (NYSE: LITB) handles its complex, global affiliate program.

Brook Schaaf Brook Schaaf

Max Ciccotosto Max Ciccotosto
Head of Growth

 1:00-1:45pm • Track 2 Room: Foothill G

Managing TM+ Affiliates – Beyond The Basics

I will share information on how to integrate TM+ affiliates as an extension of the paid search team to create a dynamic synergy through varied promotions, ad titles, ad descriptions and display URLs. I will also walk through TM+ Terms and Conditions and how to screen for nefarious activity and communicate to your partners. Beyond the basics will include keyword matching, creating a comprehensive negative keyword list, ad rank and more. This session will also uncover some unique insights on how brand terms can be hijacked by affiliate without any recourse from the engines.

Martin Marion Martin Marion
Affiliate Manager
Deluxe Corp

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 2:00-2:45pm • Room: Club

Big Brands on Challenges and Opportunities in 2015

Leaders from big brands Norton Symantec, Southwest Vacations, Fanatics and Cabela’s discuss the challenges and opportunities of running an effective affiliate program in 2015.

Panelists will discuss, live and uncut, some of the obstacles they face in an ever-changing industry, strategies they use to overcome them and ways they stay ahead of the curve in a hyper competitive environment to remain leaders in their industries.

Ask questions and hear the insights from four of the biggest brands on the web today.


Sarah Bundy Sarah Bundy
Founder & CEO
All Inclusive Marketing


Wade Tonkin Wade Tonkin
Affiliate Manager

Christopher Weston Christopher Weston
Affiliate/CSE Program Manager

Chrissy Malukiewicz Chrissy Malukiewicz
Alliance Marketing Manager
Southwest Vacations

Siara_Nazir Siara Nazir
Director of Online Acquisition

2:45–3:25pm • Room: Atrium

Exhibits & Afternoon Coffee Break

 3:25-4:10pm • Track 1 Room: Club

In-House or Outsourced? This is the Question

Find out what’s the best solution for you given your current company and affiliate program context. While an in-house hire may have its advantages, especially cost-wise, going with a specialized agency usually brings you a higher level of expertise. What should you choose?

Michael Ni Michael Ni
CMO/SVP, Marketing & Products

 3:25-4:10pm • Track 2 Room: Foothill G

Affiliate Program Numbers: A Deep Dive

An in-depth look at various numbers every affiliate manager should understand.

We’ll review the value of knowing how front end and back end metrics, affiliate participation numbers, discounts, fees and discrepancies can effect profitability.

Paul Schroader Paul Schroader
PS Web Solutions, Inc.

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 4:15-5:00pm • Track 1 Room: Club

Case Studies In Attribution: Here’s How Top Merchants Are Doing It

An overview of how top merchants have implemented tag management, clickstream analytics, and attribution into their programs and the results they have experienced.

Chad Waite Chad Waite
Marketing Manager

 4:15-5:00pm • Track 2 Room: Foothill G

Combating Affiliate Fraud

Affiliate fraud is a threat to both merchants and other affiliates. As the strategies of deceptive affiliates become more sophisticated, so too must the responses and tools used to identify and remove them. Implementing and enforcing the three stages of compliance helps to reduce fraud in any program. Learn how to identify and combat several deceptive practices, and gain insight on the future of compliance.

Jeannine Crooks Jeannine Crooks
Senior Account Manager
Affiliate Window

 5:15-6:00pm • Room: Club

Affiliate Network Insights to Drive Reach & Results

What is the percentage of new customers driven by affiliate vs. all other marketing channels? What is the offline impact of consumers driven by affiliate vs. all other channels? How about the resulting average order value and re-purchase rate of said consumers? For the first time in affiliate marketing, we have access to such consumer data, but more importantly, how do we make it actionable to secure more reach and drive greater results?

Desiree will share some of these new, network insights along with ways in which to strategically improve ROI and overall program efficiency.

DesireeDesiree Toto
Product Business Development Lead
CJ Affiliate by Conversant

6:00-7:00pm • Room: Atrium

Networking Reception

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Conference Day 2: Wednesday, April 1, 2021

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Has Offers

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7:30-8:30am • Room: Atrium

Registration & Networking Breakfast

8:30-8:35am • Room: Club

Conference Chair Opening Remarks

Geno Prussakov Geno Prussakov
Affiliate Management Days

 8:35-9:50am • Room: Club

The Affiliate Industry Evolution: What’s Changing & What’s Ahead?

As the affiliate industry evolves, key stakeholders are differentiating product and service offerings to meet the changing needs of affiliates, merchants and the market. Panelists from several traditional affiliate networks and SaaS solution providers will discuss where they see the market headed in 2015 and beyond and the role of the various stakeholders. The panel will discuss several hot topics including attribution, global, mobile tracking and the separation of technology and services.


Robert GlazerRobert Glazer
Founder and Managing Director
Acceleration Partners


Brian Littleton Brian Littleton
Founder & CEO

DesireeDesiree Toto
Product Business Development Lead
CJ Affiliate by Conversant

Choots Humphries Choots Humphries

Todd Crawford Todd Crawford
Impact Radius

Michael Jones Michael Jones
Head of Affiliate
eBay Enterprise

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9:50-10:00am • Room: Club

Gold Sponsor Presentation
Performance Marketing Made Simple with HasOffers

Discover how HasOffers by TUNE—the #1 performance marketing technology—empowers thousands of networks, agencies, and media buyers to track, manage and optimize their online and mobile campaigns in real time.

Cameron Stewart Cameron Stewart
General Manager
HasOffers by TUNE

10:00-10:30am • Room: Atrium

Exhibits & Morning Coffee Break

 10:35-11:20am • Track 1 Room: Club

101: How to Build Your Own Affiliate Network

What are the top things a new comer to performance marketing should know? Let’s get the basics down. Learn how to start an affiliate network, get an offer, find affiliates and pricing. HasOffers has helped over 2,000 businesses start an affiliate network, and we can show you how it’s done.

Cameron Stewart Cameron Stewart
General Manager
HasOffers by TUNE

 10:35am-11:20am • Track 2 Room: Foothill G

CPL or CPM: What’s Best for Your
Email Marketing Budget?

For many advertisers, the decision isn’t easy when it comes to acquisition email campaigns: should you run CPL or CPM? A cocktail of both maybe? In this session, we will examine the pros and cons of both from a customer acquisition standpoint as it relates to your email budget. We’ll provide examples across different advertiser verticals of what works and what doesn’t when running CPL and CPM campaigns. Get best practices and some tips on how to maximize customer acquisition opportunities no matter which email offer type you run.

Daryl Colwell Daryl Colwell
Senior Vice President
Matomy Media Group

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 11:25am-12:10pm • Track 1 Room: Club

Why Independent Program Representation Is More Important Than Ever

It’s a confusing time in the affiliate industry, with networks buying affiliates and networks being acquired as part of marketing/e-commerce platforms. Now more than ever it’s essential for programs to seek independent representation to drive their strategy and key decision-making.

Robert Glazer, founder of Acceleration Partners, will explain how independent representation puts a merchant’s interests and brand first and ensures a program is as optimized and efficient as possible. Independent firms are uniquely capable of playing a strategic role as a program expands, working with SaaS platforms and technology partners to develop innovative solutions and guiding expansion to global markets.

Robert Glazer Robert Glazer
Founder and Managing Director
Acceleration Partners

 11:25am-12:10pm • Track 2 Room: Foothill G

Bloggers and Affiliate Marketing: Recruitment & Retention

1. Overview of the development of the blogger and affiliate marketing relationships

  • PR vs Affiliate marketing
  • Niche affiliates vs bloggers
  • Education on the client and blogger side

2. Recruitment

  • tools such as Buzzstream and Lindex as well as network tools in CJ, Shareasale and Avantlink
  • going where the bloggers are
  • education online and locally

3. Crafting blogger outreach - research, personalize and concise. Will show examples of converting creative

4. Compensation - discuss Go Live bonus and other incentives

5. Retention Tips

Stephanie Robbins Stephanie Robbins
Robbins Interactive

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Lunch with Super Affiliates in the Exhibit Hall

 1:00-1:45pm • Track 1 Room: Club

Everything You Need to Know About Attribution & Affiliate Marketing

Everyone is talking about attribution but not many companies are actually doing it? How do you get started or how do you know if what you are doing it right? Todd will walk through all of the moving pieces for tracking, analyzing and optimizing your performance marketing partnerships using attribution and big data.

  • What is attribution
  • Why it is important
  • How to leverage it
  • Issue that can affect your results
  • Example data

Todd Crawford Todd Crawford
Impact Radius

 1:00-1:45pm • Track 2 Room: Foothill G

Maintaining Brand Integrity at Scale—Ensuring Affiliate Content Is On-Brand

When working with hundreds or even thousands of publishers, it’s a major challenge to keep up with what types of content those publishers are posting and how it reflects on your brand. While every marketer wants affiliates to represent their brand in its best light, there’s simply too much to keep up with!

In this presentation, I’ll cover some of the core issues in content compliance—including inaccurate offers, expired promotions, off-brand or offensive language, and affiliate disclosure—as well as strategies and free tools for maintaining compliance on publisher websites.

Sam Engel Sam Engel
Marketing Manager

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Affiliate Gamification Driven by Attribution, Share Through, and Trust

3 Case Studies of Affiliates Creating Buying Habits With Intangible, Social Rewards

Affiliate marketing often becomes too focused on creating more first time sales.

Many affiliates “game” social traffic to get more CTRS and sales. We’ll look at how that approach might hurt your results going forward, and how to make it work.

1. Attribution: Measurement versus Manipulation

The first affiliate case study covers one of the most powerful social rewards platforms making repeat sales.

2. Share Through: 140% Conversion with 2-Step Sharing

3. Trust Conversion: Moving from Churn and Burn to LTV of the Customer

Custom fit conversion for ongoing and long term affiliates.

Declan Dunn Declan Dunn

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2:45-3:15pm • Room: Atrium

Exhibits & Afternoon Break

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 3:15-4:00pm • Track 1 Room: Club

The Data Behind a Top Performing Affiliate

The data behind a top performing affiliate: Grow your affiliate program by understanding how a top performing affiliate thinks and works. Our Affiliate Benchmarks report surveyed more than 7,000 affiliates across nearly 30 questions and in this session we’ll show you how their results compare to the industry.

 Chris Kramer Chris Kramer
House of Kaizen

Lisa Picarille Lisa K. Picarille
Content Director
Performance Marketing Association

 3:15-4:00pm • Track 2 Room: Foothill G

Transparency is a Two-Way Street

Marketing goals are often plainly defined: “We want X results which will be measured by Y actions.” But, marketers also request from publishers to include “HOW” they aim to achieve those actions. In other words, marketers want transparency on the sources of actions being delivered. However, affiliates don’t have insight into the larger picture of attribution and therefore also have tunnel vision on other marketing strategies already in play. In order for marketers to achieve stronger results from their advertising and affiliate partners, it becomes critical for both the affiliate AND the marketer to share more information and make transparency a two-way street.

Matt Sexton Matt Sexton
Business Development Manager
Pulse Mobile

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 4:05-4:50pm • Track 1 Room: Club

Content Driving Sales in a Cross-Device World

Editorial traffic is quickly becoming the “must buy” marketing channel for affiliate marketers. Oliver will cover recent innovative and disruptive mobile trends that provide an opportunity for new revenue streams. Learn how to gain a competitive advantage across fragmented audiences in a cross-device world.

Oliver Roup Oliver Roup
CEO & Founder

 4:05-4:50pm • Track 2 Room: Foothill G

The Legs to the Stool – Considering All Traffic Sources for Affiliate Program

Affiliates have changed over the years, and the way that we think about affiliates should change along with that trend. Affiliates are no longer just content websites or blogs in their basements, or coupon aggregators that throw deals onto their sites for you. The affiliate channels is as complex as the web itself, and you should be armed with strategies to work with all different types of traffic. The affiliate mix is a lot like “legs to a stool”, and without each leg, the program is weaker. Join us to discuss what you need to consider when evaluating each source of traffic. You shouldn’t turn away traffic just because it’s difficult to measure or understand.

Bryan Colligan Matt Frary
Chief of Chaos

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Conference Chair Closing Remarks

Geno Prussakov Geno Prussakov
Affiliate Management Days

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