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It is already customary for us to conduct pre-conference speaker interviews leading up to Affiliate Management Days. And our U.S. Affiliate Management Days 2013, which is coming up in just 7 days, hasn’t been an exception.

Here is a handy list of a dozen of pre-show interviews with AM Days SF 2013 speakers:

  • David Adler: Legal Risks Facing Affiliate Marketers Today
  • Hunter Boyle: Affiliate Management, Challenges and Email Marketing
  • Todd Crawford: Opportunities in Affiliate Marketing
  • Robert Glazer: The Role of the Affiliate Network
  • Chris Goward: Affiliate Programs and Conversion Optimization
  • Kristin Hall: Importance of Mobile in Affiliate Marketing
  • David Naffziger: How Merchants Can Protect Themselves from Affiliate Violators
  • Gary Marcoccia: Value of the Affiliate Marketing Channel
  • Brian Marcus: eBay Partner Network’s Lessons for Affiliate Managers
  • Geno Prussakov: Affiliate Management Days and More
  • Geno Prussakov: Affiliate Management Days West 2013 Preview [radio interview]
  • Jim Sterne: Big Data and the Human Side of Analytics

The above list is merely alphabetical.

If you haven’t yet registered for AM Days SF 2013, there is still time!! Register by the end of day Friday (April 12) to get in at regular price.