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We’ve been working on this for quite some time, and today I am excited to, finally, announce that we’ve rolled out the new mobile app for our upcoming Affiliate Management Days 2015 show!

You may now network with other AM Days 2015 attendees right from/on your smartphone.

How to Get AM Days Mobile App:

  1. Download the app on your smart device from, AppStore, or Google Play;
  2. Sign into the app via LinkedIn or Facebook;
  3. Join the event by entering code AMDAYS and start connecting with other attendees!

If you don’t find where to enter the code, do not worry! You should be prompted to do so upon launching the app and you may also enter the code at any time in at the bottom of the “Info” section (clearly visible on the image below).

AM Days on Topi Mobile App

How to Use the Mobile App:

  • Messages - This is where all of your messages are - with just one person or with multiple people (group messaging). It’s very similar to the Text Messages button on your smart device. Use the messaging system before, during and after the event - they’re always live!
  • Contacts - These are both Topi contacts based on a) your social networks contacts that are already on Topi and b) new connections you make at the event. Like messages, these contacts are always accessible anytime before, during and after the event.
  • Networking - These are the attendees who have joined Topi for this particular event. Use the search bar to narrow down the list or browse the entire list; to make your life easier, note that all the attendees are sorted by relevance to you, based on your own profile and interests. Click on any particular person to learn more about them or to request a connection with them.
  • Info Tab - This includes basic Event Info, the Event Wall (Group Chat room), Agenda, Speakers, Sponsors, Exhibitors (those actually at the conference). You are able to bookmark sessions, speakers, and exhibitors. You are also able to take notes on the app in this section.
  • Event Wall - This is under the Info Tab as listed above and this is the curated group chat room for this event. Any participant on the app can write a message or post a picture that everyone at the event would see.
  • Broadcast Messages - These are the live push notifications that are either pre-scheduled or send as real-time announcements for each particular event. As long as someone has entered the code in for that event, they’ll get the notification as a pop up on their phone.

Play around with the app as much as you can and you’ll get a very good feel on how you can leverage it to enhance your pre-conference networking as well as navigating around the show itself.

So you’ve registered for the upcoming Affiliate Management Days SF 2014? Begin networking even before the start of the show! There are 3 ways you can do so, and in my today’s blog post I would like to highlight them for you:

1. Mobile App

To make it easier for you to plan who to meet, socialize and stay up to date before, during and after the conference, we have a mobile app! As for our previous San Francisco show, we have once again partnered with Bizzabo, and are excited to offer you an efficient and convenient way to plan your time at AM Days SF 2014 and, of course, to network with other attendees.  All you need to log in is a LinkedIn account. Click the image below to download the app, and start networking today.

AM Days SF 2014 on Bizzabo

2. Facebook

In addition to our main Facebook page (where you may browse photos, announcements, comment on event news, and more) we also have a dedicated page for AM Days SF 2014. So, check-in to the event (below) and start networking via Facebook too.

AM Days SF 2014 on Facebook

3. LinkedIn

Finally, we also have a LinkedIn Group where you may connect with other affiliate management professionals, as well as engage in meaningful conversation with past and future attendees of Affiliate Management Days. Again, the link to the group may be found below.

AM Days on LinkedIn

If you haven’t yet registered, there is still time to register! The show starts in just 9 days. So register soon!

Yesterday you might have noticed the appearance of a new button in the sidebar of Affiliate Management Days SF 2013 pages/section:

Download AM Days Mobile App

We have rolled it out an integration of our 2013 U.S. conference with Bizzabo, a popular mobile application. This mobile app helps us enhance attendees’ onsite experience.

If you are attending our San Francisco show in April 2013, here’s how you can make it work for you:

  • The app is available both for iPhones, and Android phones
  • You may download it from your app store
  • Once it’s installed you want to search for “Affiliate Management Days”
  • Click “Join community” and login with your Linkedin account

Once you’ve joined, you are signed up and part of the community, which give you access to the full conference agenda on your mobile device, access to our Twitter stream, and the ability to message other users of the community via the app. Yes, it’s great for networking, and I strongly encourage you to join!

Another great thing about this app is that you do not need to download a new one for each conference you attend, but keep using the same one for all our future events.

We’ve all heard the phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” and while I, personally, strongly disagree with the assumption that knowledge is futile, I can’t help but concur with the fact that connections are an integral element of achieving success. When it comes to affiliate management professionals, these connections come extremely helpful (a) when we are confronting specific affiliate marketing challenges and/or problems, and (b) when we’re looking to proceed further in our career path. They are integral (c) in prevention of fraud and abuse of our affiliate programs (as by sharing information, we become better equipped to fight these activities), and (d) in finding the right answer to this burning question that’s stopping us from progressing.

Affiliate Management Days is known for a heavy focus on professional networking. In fact, when I first conceived of the idea for this conference, I meant that first and foremost it will be a professional forum — rich in very specific networking opportunities: those with fellow affiliate managers, CMOs, as well as those who stand behind the affiliate marketing technology (affiliate networks, and developers of monitoring and reporting tools).

Starting from our second conference in Fort Lauderdale, we have been offering five very specific opportunities for professional networking for affiliate managers. These are:

Social Media Networking: We are on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and we also have a dedicated LinkedIn group which we encourage you to join — to network with the other attendees and/or alumni.

Networking Breakfasts: Every day of Affiliate Management Days starts with one. This is a great time to have those informal interactions with peers over our famous yummy breakfasts.

Exhibits & Breaks: AM Days is structures in such a way that between sessions you have plenty of time to network with exhibitors and fellow-attendees. This is the time when deals get done, and faces get put to the names (you’ve heard before).

Birds-of-a-Feather Lunch Discussions: Several round tables (no more than 10 peers per table), with signs designating specific topis to be discussed at the table, are spread around the lunch room. You may choose to stay at the same table and dig deeper, or move to different tables to explore new topics and meet new people.

End-of-Day-One Reception: Day 1 always ends with a good full bar reception. Great finger food, tasty cocktails, wine and beers, and, of course, more professional networking not to miss! Where else can you enjoy a drink with a president of a major affiliate network, or world-known affiliate fraud detective?

All of these are (and/or will be present) at our upcoming conference in San Francisco. If you haven’t yet registered, we are still in Early Bird rate period, and you may save $500 or more by registering before February 22, 2013. So hurry! Register today to enjoy the unique opportunities for professional networking that AM Days offers.