It is always useful to pause and ponder on the reviews and feedback that your target audience has for you. This is precisely why at every AM Days conference we actively solicit feedback.

Earlier this morning I sat down and went through the feedback entries received after our first two conferences, and arrived at 10 key themes that shined through the attendee reviews.

Today I’d like to share these in many ways quite actionable verbs with you. When you attend Affiliate Management Days expect to:

  1. Connect and catch up;
  2. Enjoy a focused environment;
  3. Learn from the successes of others;
  4. Get fascinated;
  5. Awaken to possibilities;
  6. Perfect your affiliate management strategy;
  7. Get a good return on investment (in your conference pass);
  8. Compare notes and maximize results;
  9. Network with phenomenal speakers and attendees;
  10. Be a part of one-of-a-kind conference

And the above ones aren’t my words. They came from our previous attendees, with a note that they don’t mind having us re-share them (with you). Read all 10 reviews on which the above points are based here.

Tomorrow is the last day to register for our San Francisco 2013 conference at an Early Bird discount! Don’t procrastinate. Register today to save $500+.

I look forward to meeting you in April!

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