While at Affiliate Management Days San Francisco 2012 we asked attendees to rank every speaker based both on their presentation skills (or what they thought of them as a Speaker), and also on the Content that they provided. A few days ago I’ve analyzed this feedback, and arrived at the list of our past show’s top-ranked speakers (based on their overall score). It wasn’t an easy task (as scores of many of these speakers differed only by 0.01, and the ones that didn’t make the “top 10” were actually not that far behind the below ones); but here is the list with select attendee quotes for each speaker:

  1. Ben Edelman [bio | Twitter] — “First, thanks for picking such a good topic. Ben shed light on a subject I have not heard much about until this conference…” “Very engaging! He stirred up quite a debate.”
  2. John Greathouse [bio | Twitter] — “This was surprisingly good…. I found his talk here to be informative, well-researched, engaging and worthwhile. It’s interesting to overlay a discussion of human behavior onto the specifics of market strategies… It’s relevant and very ‘evolved.'”
  3. Sarah Bundy [bio | Twitter] — “Sarah is incredibly personable, professional and full of information. Her session was one of the highlights in the conference. She was informative, clearly well-prepared and obviously well-intended to share what she knew in her efforts to better our opportunities. Not only did I learn a lot but I was invigorated by her suggestions on how to move forward in my business.”
  4. Jason Spievak [bio | Twitter] — “Jason is charismatic and a good public speaker… thought-provoking, I will have to consider these methods and their implications.”
  5. Chris Goward [bio | Twitter] — “Knowledgeable, thought-provoking, helpful.”
  6. Tim Ash [bio | Twitter] — “I found Tim’s keynote to be engaging as well as informative and I picked up a few tips that I’m going to put into practice once I’m back in the office on Monday.”
  7. Kristin Hall [bio | Twitter] — “Kristin presented very actionable information in a clear and concise manner.”
  8. Julia Barrett [bio | Twitter] — “Julia delivered a truly engaging and inspiring presentation.”
  9. Peter Hamilton [bio | Twitter] — “I like Peter and I think he’s a great speaker…”
  10. Tony Pantano [bio | Twitter] — “Tony was very enthusiastic which was helpful on the second long day of training. He also has very passionate affiliate advice!”

Congratulations to all of the above on making the list, and many thanks for being an integral part of our first show’s success!

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