The need for centralized affiliate management training and education was one of the central reasons I conceived the idea of Affiliate Management Days. Also, due to the very nature of our industry — which is extremely dynamic and constantly changing/evolving — we agreed that these events must (a) of course, occur more frequently that once a year, but (b) also focus on addressing the most current/pressing needs and challenges that affiliate managers face. And while many of the issues will be covered in this blog in-between our conferences, the blog will never be able to compare to an attendance of an actual event.

Recognizing the fact that in many cases, companies will want to send more than one person, we’ve worked out a group discount that I’d like to bring to your attention today. As our registration page states:

Bring the Team Offer

Each additional attendee from the same company registered at the same time receives an extra $150 off the Two Day Pass.

To take advantage of this discount you want to use coupon code TEAM. If your team registers to AM Days San Francisco 2012 by the end of day (Pacific Time) of March 2, 2021 (after which our “regular price” goes up $200), you will end up saving a total of $350 off every group pass.

I’m sure you’ve already seen the logos of different already-registered companies here. One thing that you don’t now (and can’t tell from a mere look at the logos) is that there are already 11 companies that have sent their “teams” of folks in. After all, in many cases it is not only the affiliate program’s Manager who will benefit from such a show, but also the company’s Director of Online Marketing, or even a VP of Marketing or company’s CMO.

See you soon, and if it is a team that you want to send to AM Days, make sure you take advantage of the above-described group rate.

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