Just four days from now I will be running a half-day workshop on affiliate marketing for advertisers. Here are the “when,” “where,” and “what” details of it:

  • Date: March 18, 2014
  • Time: 1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
  • Place: San Francisco, CA
  • Location: Marriott Marquis, room Foothill F

We will start from the basics of affiliate marketing for merchants/advertisers, going through the affiliate program set-up and launch phases, and then diving into the five key areas of affiliate program management: affiliate recruitment, activation, compliance policing, communication, and program optimization. Tools to help you streamline the key processes, and the techniques to employ will be covered throughout the different parts of the workshop.

If you are a beginning affiliate manager or a merchant/advertiser contemplating using affiliate marketing to promote your business, products, or services through affiliates, this is a must-attend event for you!

The room is all ready (picture below). If you are interested in coming, it is not too late to register.

Marriott Marquis SF Foothill F

By popular demand, we have decided to make a printer-friendly version of Affiliate Management Days SF 2014 agenda available even before you get it in the official show guide on the first day of the show (March 19, 2014).

Just click on the image below to open a printable 2-page PDF file, then press “Print,” and you’ll be all ready to start picking the sessions to attend. Of course, I hope you will appreciate the names of the three rooms where the conference will be held — all named per the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge.

See you in San Francisco next week!!

AM Days SF 2014 Agenda


Having analyzed how things are shaping up for the upcoming Affiliate Management Days show (which takes place on March 19-20 in San Francisco), I am happy to report that this is going to be our busiest show ever. Here are just a few things to highlight:

  • 39.2% increase in Early Bird registrations;
  • 21.3% increase in registrations 1 week out;
  • Busiest exhibit hall we’ve ever had (see all of our 2014 U.S. sponsors here)
  • Largest concentration of top brands (Apple, LifeLock, Netflix, Shutterfly, Symantec, and Zappos to name but a few) many of which are sending teams of their employees to this show

Affiliate Management Days Exhibit Floor

While the conference is just a week away, there is still time to register! Grab your pass today and see you in San Francisco next week!!

Register Now

So you’ve registered for the upcoming Affiliate Management Days SF 2014? Begin networking even before the start of the show! There are 3 ways you can do so, and in my today’s blog post I would like to highlight them for you:

1. Mobile App

To make it easier for you to plan who to meet, socialize and stay up to date before, during and after the conference, we have a mobile app! As for our previous San Francisco show, we have once again partnered with Bizzabo, and are excited to offer you an efficient and convenient way to plan your time at AM Days SF 2014 and, of course, to network with other attendees.  All you need to log in is a LinkedIn account. Click the image below to download the app, and start networking today.

AM Days SF 2014 on Bizzabo

2. Facebook

In addition to our main Facebook page (where you may browse photos, announcements, comment on event news, and more) we also have a dedicated page for AM Days SF 2014. So, check-in to the event (below) and start networking via Facebook too.

AM Days SF 2014 on Facebook

3. LinkedIn

Finally, we also have a LinkedIn Group where you may connect with other affiliate management professionals, as well as engage in meaningful conversation with past and future attendees of Affiliate Management Days. Again, the link to the group may be found below.

AM Days on LinkedIn

If you haven’t yet registered, there is still time to register! The show starts in just 9 days. So register soon!

As Affiliate Management Days SF 2014 is shaping up to be our busiest show yet, and the registrations keep rolling in, the conference’s hotel has been fully sold out. Not only Marriott Marquis (the upcoming show’s venue), but also The Westin next door (which we used for our inaugural show in 2012) — both are now fully booked.

However, there are no reasons to despair. There are more than 100 hotels in a walking distance that do have rooms:

San Francisco downtown hotels

The above screenshot was taken a couple of minutes ago at Google’s Hotel Finder. The large circle shows the “walking area” (of 15 minutes from the conference’s venue) while the little red ones are the available hotels.

Click the above map, refine your dates, and the Hotel Finder should give you plenty of options.

So, don’t let the “hotel sold out” news prevent you from coming (as your “comfort zone” shouldn’t either). Register today as I’ll be looking forward to personally shaking every attendee’s hand in just 13 days!

About a year ago Google Affiliate Network [which is no longer around] invited “fellow affiliate managers and marketing executives” to Affiliate Management Days SF 2013:

Google Affiliate Network Invitation to AM Days

While GAN may be gone since then, we are all set to be back in San Francisco in 2014 too. Two weeks from now, on March 19-20, we are running our fifth AM Days show in Marriott Marquis SF. Check out the conference agenda here, and join your fellow-marketers from companies large and small at Affiliate Management Days SF 2014!

There is still time to register; but don’t procrastinate. Grab your pass today!!

Register Now

The Complete Guide to Sales Force Incentive Compensation by Zoltners, Sinha and Lorimer equates “incremental sales” with “salesperson sales” or “those sales that require sales force effort” (pp.
Such an approach perfectly fits the affiliate marketing context. In the framework of affiliate programs, advertisers often analyze affiliate performance looking at it through the prism of incrementality. Are affiliates driving new business or those that would have occurred without their involvement anyway?

In preparation for Affiliate Management Days SF 2014, I have recently interviewed Chuck Hamrick, a well-known affiliate marketing veteran who will speak at AM Days for his first time in two weeks, and asked him: “With the vast majority of merchants interested in having their affiliate programs drive truly incremental business, what types of affiliates you would recommend they recruit, and why?” Chuck replied:

My preference is a mix and it takes time to recruit productive affiliates to your program and get them active.

Partner with 1-2 PPC affiliates who “bid the gap” for your merchant, finding terms they missed. Pick 5-10 coupon/deal sites that are responsive to getting your ads up quickly and taking them down when expired.  Content/Review sites are great and will need content/videos. Bloggers have low conversion so you need a bunch. Offer samples for reviews.

Datafeed/price comparison needs a detailed datafeed with sales price (often left out). Partner with a few loyalty but insure they are not using software to hijack others sales. Specialty affiliates can be tested such as email marketers, contextual, third party tool sites, cart abandonment, social. Be open minded as affiliates are the R&D arm of online marketing. When in doubt, talk to the affiliate directly.

You may read the full interview here, or listen to Chuck share more of his wisdom in San Francisco (on March 19-20, 2014) during the Inside the Mind of the Super Affiliate panel and his Using Affiliate Forums and Blogs to Create an Online Reputation session.

Image by Renjith Krishnan via

Back in 2012, when holding our second conference (in Fort Lauderdale, FL) we introduced a different way to network over lunches. Since then, at Affiliate Management Days we don’t just consume food over lunch, but also soak up knowledge and expertise that fellow digital marketers bring to the table (both literally and figuratively speaking).

We call them Birds-of-a-Feather Lunch Discussions. Several round tables, with signs designating the topics to be discussed at the table, are spread around the lunch room. Every attendee is free choose whether to stay at the same table and dig deeper, or move between different tables to explore new topics and meet new people.

Based on our agenda, for the upcoming 2014 San Francisco show I am thinking of the following birds-of-a-feather lunch discussion topics:

Day 1

  • Advertiser-Affiliate Relationships
  • Affiliate Compliance Policing
  • Mobile Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing & Legal Challenges

Day 2

  • Affiliate Recruitment & Activation
  • Analytics & Multi-Channel Attribution
  • Advanced Techniques (APIs, Video, etc)
  • International Affiliate Marketing

If you have any suggestions or ideas on other (or further refined) topics for these lunch discussions, I would really appreciate you chiming in with them via the “Comments” area below. Otherwise, I hope to see you in San Francisco in 18 days! There’s still time to register.

As registrations for our March 19-20 2014 San Francisco conference continue to rise, I am pleased to notice that besides SMBs, multiple blue chip companies are also sending their digital marketing teams to AM Days. Such has been the case since our very first show in 2012, but our 2014 U.S. conference is set to have the largest concentration of top brands we’ve ever had.

I have hand-picked twenty to showcase today. Out of the top brands that have already registered, here are just a few of the ones you can expect to network with (the list is merely alphabetical):

  • Adorama
  • Apple
  • Beachbody
  • Bluehost
  • Corel Corporation
  • Cost Plus World Market
  • Deluxe Corp
  • eBay
  • HostGator
  • InterContinental Hotels Group
  • LifeLock
  • Provide Commerce (ProFlowers, RedEnvelope, etc)
  • SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
  • Shopify
  • Shutterfly
  • Symantec
  • Wyndham Worldwide

AM Days San Francisco is just three weeks away! This will be our only U.S. conference in 2014. There is still time to register, and it is cheaper to do so online (before the show) than onsite.

First of all, let me announce and welcome the newest sponsor of AM Days SF 2014The Search Monitor. They have exhibited at the show several times in the past, and it is good to see them return again.

Here is their “elevator pitch” and description:

Looking for a competitive edge in your search and affiliate marketing? The Search Monitor® provides real-time competitive intelligence to monitor brand and trademark use, affiliate compliance, and competitive advertisers on paid search, organic search, local search, social media, mobile, and shopping engines worldwide.

Hundreds of interactive agencies, search marketers, and affiliate marketers use The Search Monitor to track ad rank, ad copy, keyword reach, click rates and CPCs, monthly ad spend, market share, trademark use, and affiliate activity. The Search Monitor provides the most precise data possible through hourly crawling from thousands of global IP addresses, advanced algorithms, and an exclusive comScore® data partnership. All data are available through easy-to-use web-based reports and automatic alerts that are customizable for your vertical. [source]

There are limited sponsorship/exhibit opportunities remaining. In fact, we are now down to just one Table Top left! Of course, there are also other opportunities (Wi-Fi sponsorship, lunch sponsorship, seat drops, badge inserts, etc) but if you are interested in exhibiting you want to contact Paul Gillis ASAP.